Phenomenal Woman


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Celebrating Women! Empowerment comes from being confident in your own female skin, no matter if you are not seen as cute or fashionable by the masses. Because it’s Mother’s Days and also as we are still Celebrating Women’s History Month, … Continue reading

A Prayer for Ukraine

There is Power in Prayer 🛐

As the world watches the events unfolding in Ukraine, I want to remind our global Community of the power they have—the power of prayer.

Prayer brings hope.

Prayer unites.

Prayer strengthens.

Let’s join together and ask God to comfort, protect, and provide for the people of Ukraine.


We need You—we always have.

You are our source of strength, and You tell us to give You all our concerns.

Bring protection and healing to the people of Ukraine. Show them that You are with them, and that You hear their prayers.

Please strengthen anyone who is feeling hurt, alone, or broken. Replace any feelings of anxiety, fear, and uncertainty with Your peace and hope.

Draw near to us as we draw near to You.

In Jesus’ name


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